The BTM team is helping Dare-to-Care “chomp-out” hunger.

BTM Engineering is participating in Dare to Care’s 6th annual CANstruction design/build competition.  Our entry along with all participating entries will be on display at Mall St. Matthews February 25th through March 2.

BTM’s talented design team transforms balanced-diet food items into an illusion of PacMan gaining protein, fruits and vegetables…

“Quaker Oats begins the meal maze by providing a path of whole grains for PacMan to chomp away at to keep him from being rendered helpless by the lack of nutritional food.  Traveling the balanced-diet selection trail, the 15 oz. cans of Peas provide Pac-Man’s vegetable and essential vitamins for good health.  Pac-Man’s hunger is also eliminated by the protein-packed canned chicken ghost Pinky. Navigating the remainder of the essential nutrients maze, the blue ghost consisting of 5 oz. cans of blue tuna joins forces with the green 8.5 ounce fruit cans that create the bonus-packing Pear to fulfill Pac-Man’s vitamin C and Omega 3 needs.”

All can goods and unopened non-perishable food items will be donated to assist Dare to Care in their effort to eliminate local hunger.

Come see our display!